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Hey there, I'm Stephinia!

Around six years ago, a customer told me, “I wish I could take you home with me.” It was at that moment I realized my reach wasn’t far enough in the retail world because I could only help women so far in the fitting rooms with the clothes the store provided.

I wanted to have the ability to incorporate the clothes the customer-owned with the items she wanted to purchase. I started Style by Stephinia where I help six-figure women entrepreneurs who want to show up with confidence, conviction, and creativity to command attention in any room.

I give my clients permission to express their authentic selves and dress for the body they have. When I style a client, it’s about more than the clothes. I make a connection with them to help them have a positive body image and celebrate where they are even though they have other places to go.

When I am not styling entrepreneurs, I listen to true crime podcasts and ride my Peloton.

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My Story

I was born for fashion, and my grandmother, a tailor and seamstress, was my biggest fashion inspiration.

She taught me the craft of tailoring when I was only ten-years-old, and by the time I turned nineteen, I had all the skills to design and construct dresses for an entire bridal party, including the wedding dress.

I took my love of fashion into the world of retail where I loved to form a relationship with my customers and help them transform their self-esteem, confidence, and everyday life by choosing pieces for their wardrobe that complimented their bodies at that point in time.

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I'm open for collaborations!

League City, TX, United States

+1 409-370-5081

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